Scythe: Modular Board Expansion

If you fancy mixing up your Scythe board then this expansion could be for you.

Only half the board is used at three players. All hell broke loose a few turns after this picture was taken!

1-7 Players
90-115 minutes
Stonemaier Games

Note: This expansion was gifted to us by Stonemaier Games for an unbiased review

If you’ve never played Scythe before, go and check out my review of the base game as this post is all about the modular board expansion so it won’t make a lot of sense!

What’s included in the expansion?
– Double sided game board (with empty spaces for the modular pieces)
– 4 double sided modular pieces (each with 7 hexes)
– 8 home base tiles (including one empty)
– 8 new structure bonus tiles
– Automa rules for the modular board

All the components that come with the expansion (including the board)

The modular board expansion allows Scythe fans to mix up the original map, by introducing four modular tile sections which can be interchanged in any combination to create a different mix of lakes, resources and mines for you to explore. The rulebook actually recommends you remove a number of sections from the map depending on player count, so you end up with a smaller, tighter game. This is especially important if you play two player games of Scythe because in the original, each opponent can spread out without treading on the other’s toes and it can end up with few flashpoints.

This for me is the major benefit of getting this expansion. We love Scythe but don’t love it at two players, so the addition of the modules means we play in one quarter of the map, creating a tighter game where we both vie for control of the Factory and the few available territories. It also means if you desperately need a certain resource (e.g. metal) you might have to travel a long way to get it, or fight your way to it, which has lead to much more exciting encounters.

The rulebook recommends using only one modular segment for 2 players, two for 3 players and three for 4 players. That will create some absolute mayhem!

If you regularly play Scythe with 4/5 + players, this expansion could still offer enough for you to buy it, because not only does it mix up the map tiles, it also randomises the starting locations for the factions, presenting different challenges and layouts for you to tackle. If you’ve played the base game enough times, you can get into a starting routine because you’re used to what resources you start next to. This changes all that, what used to be your trusty forest and village combo can now be a mountain and field!

Setting up for an epic game. It looks a little sparse in Europa but at two players that’s a good thing!

The other inclusion with the expansion is a load more structure bonus tiles. In Scythe, players score bonus points at the end of the game based on where they’ve built their mill, armoury etc. in relation to other hexes/objects. There’s another eight to enjoy here, to add some more variety.

So, overall is it worth your hard earned money to get this expansion?
-If you play Scythe two player, definitely yes!
-If you play lots of Scythe, almost certainly yes!
-If you only play occasionally, and always with four or more players, maybe go for one of the other expansions instead (Rise of Fenris or Wind Gambit my personal recommendations)

Jinx loves this expansion but dislikes the Polania faction

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